Anti-Lost Magnetic Cord(Strap) for Airpods 1/Airpods 2 - Pink

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Tired of readjusting your earpods while you're running or on the go? Cellfather AirPods Pro Silicon Strap eliminate the fuss and hassle of constantly adjusting your earpods and provide an ultra-secure listening experience. Experience twice the comfort and secure fit compared to using airpods alone!

The tangle-free Cellfather design makes the cable easy to store, you can twist it without having to worry about knots or kinks.

1. Comfortable, sturdy materials make these ties ideal for day by day and daily wear and during exercises.
2. Ideal for AirPods, never lose your AirPods any longer with the firm strap Connector. 
3. Lightweight and strong outline, difficult to twist each other. 
4. Good to run and other Sports Activities. 

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible With Apple AirPods 1 & 2 Perfectly

Package Includes: 1 x Anti-Lost Magnetic Cord