Car Door Warning Indicator Waterproof LED Flash Light (Red-2 Pair 4 pcs)

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  • Item Type: Strobe Light
  • Led Light Color: Red
  • Working principle: When the car door open, the red light flashes automatically, there are 3 flashes during 110 seconds. Within 110s, the light will continue warning the rear vehicles and pedestrians.
  • 0-7 Seconds: All Led Rapid Flashing 
  • 7-60 Seconds: Each Led Sequential Flashing 
  • 60-110 seconds: Each Led Slow Swirl Flashing 
  • Automatic power off after 110 second. 

  • Installation Tips:
    Heating, Increase Viscosity (don't too close) 
    2. Press 5 seconds at least 
    3. Install it in the position does not affect closing the door 

  • Package Includes: 4 x LED Car Door Warning Light