W12 Mobile Gamepad Controller Joystick L1 R1 Button Shoot and Aim Trigger for 4.5-6.5inch Mobile Phone Android/iOS for PUBG/Fortnite etc.

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Supported Game
PUBG/ Critical Ops/ Rules of Survival/ Knives Out/ CrossFire/ Survivor Royale/ Terminator 2 Judgment Day, etc., as long as the game settings are allowed to customize the position of the button keys.

Cooling Fan
It’s very annoying that the frame rate drops when you are playing game, this device will be helpful when you plug the Micro USB Charge Cable into the controller interface and power on.

Work for All Smart phone &iOS operating phones from 4.7-6.5 inch

1.Start your game, and press the” “Settings""-""Control""-""Customize"".
2.Position the “FIRE” and “AIM” buttons directly under the triggers area of contact with the screen.
3.Positioning the controls accordingly to your unique playing style. Continue to make adjustments until you’re comfortable with the applied settings.
4. Lastly, save your “Settings”. *Settings options may differ between different game applications

1 x Mobile Phone Gamepad

Q & A:

Q1. Will it work with my iPhone without removing the case?
A: It depends on the mobile phone thickness, if it's a thick case, please remove the case while playing games , if not thick, you can use the mobile controller with the case.
Q2. Will it come with iPhone charging cable?
A: No, it's a micro usb charging cable