Transparent Scratch Resistant Car Door Handle Paint Protective Film (Pack of 4)

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Note: Spray water on the handle before installing
You can install the right position and avoid getting bubbles underneath the plastic.
Recommended referring to Amazon product pictures to install.
This protection vinyl film remains invisible Preserve the condition of the paintwork around your door handles by helping scratches.
Features: -

  • High Adhesion
  • Durable
  • Transparent
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove

Installation tips:
STEP 1. Clean door handle/cup area. Make sure there is no dirt before you apply.
STEP 2. Spray Water on the handle.
STEP 3. Carefully remove the liner behind the film. Hold out car handle protective film, and then tear off bottom paper.
STEP 4. Tape the film toward the concave, make some adjustment. press the bubble and pushed to the both sides.
STEP 5. Wipes out the car handle and absorb excess water. Wipe from the middle to the edge.
Bubbles? Take it easy!
First -Stick the film on the door handle dealt with water, it might be a lot of air bubbles and water under the film.
Second-Use a mini dry rag or something flexible to swipe out air bubbles and water.
Third-Always move from middle to the edges.

Package includes:

  • one set (4 pieces) universal fit transparent door handle protection films