5 Best Affordable Apple Watch Straps For Men & Women

5 Best Affordable Apple Watch Straps For Men & Women

The original Apple Straps for your apple watch would cost your around 3900rs and may go up to 12900rs which is obviously a huge amount of money just for one strap for folks belonging to the middle class in India. Today we are gonna talk about the best 5 apple watch straps which are available on all e-commerce platforms, can easily fit in your budget and providing you the best quality & comfort.


#1 Nylon Sport Loop

 apple watch straps

Priced for 599, the traditional nylon sport loop apple watch compatible for Apple Watch SE, Series 6 5 4 3 2 1 with a secure Velcro closure, also the woven nylon material is comfortable and breathable which resists sweating. The velcro design makes it easy to wear on any wrist size and lock precisely. Suits best for outdoor activities like work, sports, gym etc. Available for both sizes : -

#2 Solo Loop Band

solo loop band for apple watch

The elastic solo loop band features unique stretchy design and makes it very easy to put on and off on wrist. Made from soft silicone the band gives a smooth soft touch and feel in a very effective price of ₹599 only. It is perfect choice for athletes, body builders or any other sports person who want their watch to remain intact while performing their parts. It is compatible with all models for Apple Watch SE, Series 6 5 4 3 2 1. Available for both sizes : -



#3 Solo Nylon Loop Band

solo braided strap

This new apple watch solo braided strap is a hybrid of the solo loop and nylon sport loop. Priced for an economic amount of ₹649.It focuses on both security of your watch and comfort of your wrist. The band is exclusively available on www.cellfather.com only, in 6 attractive colors. Be sure to check them out at :-


#4 Dotted Silicone Strap (Nike Edition)

dotted Silicone Straps 42mm

The Nike edition strap for apple watch has holes which make the ventilation easy for the skin and hence resist sweating also the holes make it easy to adjust the size of the strap and tuck it easily on your wrist. The price for this strap is ₹499 only, compatible with Apple Watch SE, Series 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. It is available in in both sizes :-


#5 Plain Silicone Strap

The simpler the better!  This is the first edition of the apple watch straps, simple yet the best choice for people who don’t wanna go for something fancy yet want something elegant and comfortable, this strap would be a great choice, also its cost is just ₹399.This is strap is compatible with Apple Watch SE, Series 6 5 4 3 2 1. It has some decent color choices and comes in both sizes :-




All of these straps are available at www.cellfather.com at a much lower price than any other brand or online store such as amazon, flipkart etc. Also, there is an Offer i.e., BUY 2 GET 1 Free, you just got to add 3 straps to your cart and pay for only 2 straps. This offer is applicable on all the Apple Watch Straps

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